La joyería, un elemento clave para expresar tu estilo
La joyería, un elemento clave para expresar tu estilo

La joyería, un elemento clave para expresar tu estilo


Does the subject of accessorizing with jewelry complete baffle you? You’re not alone — I hear that a lot. Whether it’s an overflowing jewelry box or an empty one, intimidation at the jewelry counter or lack of confidence in your decision-making, it can indeed be tough. But you can make peace with this kind of accessory.


And I’ll tell you my own little secret: For me jewelry is THE key to great styling. In fact, usually I suggest clients spend their resources on jewelry rather than on clothes if they want to add versatility to their wardrobe and punch up their style.


Here are some stumbling blocks I frequently hear about from clients — and how to get around them.


What do I do with jewelry I already have but don’t wear?

It’s common for jewelry to accumulate (and start to gather dust) over the years. Most likely you have some that’s broken, has lost its meaning to you, or doesn’t suit your style, which is why this part of your «wardrobe» needs purging and editing, just like your clothes do. Take an afternoon to go through your jewelry, keeping only what you love. (Really.) Find a new home for what’s broken or out of style.


I already spend so much on clothes, why would I want to spend money on jewelry?

Your outfits look much more complete, polished, and interesting — more stylish and more YOU — when you add jewelry. Best of all is that jewelry extends the value of your clothing investment, because by adding or changing the jewelry you’re wearing, you can completely transform and update an outfit.


There’s so much to choose from, how can I decide what to buy?

Pay attention to three things: color, proportion, and your own taste. If you buy high-end fashion jewelry that mirrors your own coloring, you’ve made a good investment. To understand proportion, make sure the jewelry is in keeping with your own features and bone structure. Finally, jewelry generally stays with us a lot longer than clothing does, so make sure the pieces you collect are those you really look forward to wearing. If you love it, you’ll wear it and enjoy it.


Is it okay to wear the same jewelry every day?

Sure! It could be an armful of bangles, multiple strands of pearls, or a statement ring. Think Coco Chanel. She was just one example of a woman known for her signature jewelry.


But you may not be satisfied with a signature jewelry look, and that’s fine, too. Most people change their jewelry depending on what they’re doing. What you wear to the soccer game isn’t necessarily what you would choose to wear to work or the theater. That’s why many stylish women have several types of jewelry to choose from. And look at Mrs. Obama — she updated her jewelry and wore an «old» dress (a beautiful one, but very simple and thus less immediately memorable). See if you can find one or two beautiful, classic pieces in your closet that could be instantly updated with a new necklace. (This is my favorite thing to do when wardrobing clients, what they routinely love, and I’d love to help you with it, too.)


It’s too complicated! And I’m usually running late as it is in the morning! How can I do this, too?

Spend some time one weekend creating a few outfits to wear for the following week, paying especial attention to your jewelry. Then either write down or photograph the details of your outfit. Don’t have the perfect piece of jewelry? Make a note to track it down (and remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to look great). By the way, this is what my clients love most about working with me — how I choose the accessories that will go with each outfit, down to the choice of earrings. The result? A whole lot less stress when Monday morning rolls around!


I’m passionate about how important jewelry is in transforming a woman’s personal style. If you’d like to bring some bling into your life and refresh your personal style, just let me know — I’d love to help you!


Carie Mercier Lafond  es  la  coach de imagen para el hombre y la mujer profesional.
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